LOOK: This Wine Tap Purse Is A Definite Must Have

Since time immemorial, the handy dandy flask has been somewhat of a useful tool for lowkey merriment. Even the great Rihanna was recently spotted drinking from a bedazzled flask at the Grammy’s.


But, we can’t all be Rihanna at the Grammy’s! So, for those of us who need a more practical (and heavy duty) alternative to a bedazzled flask, here’s something that the everyday Jane can use. Fashionable, practical, and very, very unsuspecting, this bag can carry a whopping 2 litres of wine and features a secret spout. As the video suggests, this thing can see you through anything – from PTA   meetings to Nickelback concerts!

Source: Delish

Time to bust out the wine glasses!

I feel like this thing would be very useful. Think of all the events and places you could bring it to; think of all the events and places you could lowkey be drinking at! What do you think? Where would you bring this bag if you had one?

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