LOOK: This Weighted Blanket Eases Stress and Anxiety!

There are many distractions to get a good night’s sleep. Aside from your gadgets, there are many factors why people don’t get the quality sleep that they need. With a pandemic, it’s important that your body gets enough rest to boost immunity and of course, to stay healthy.

Body Koala offers rest solutions to cushion the stress of your urban lifestyle. We featured their universal nap pillow and it has been a saving grace for our days at the office.


Now that we are all staying at home but are under a lot of stress due to the pandemic, Body Koala introduces their weighted blanket.

Body Koala’s weighted blanket uses the principle of Deep Touch Pressure that helps in promoting relaxation. The Deep Touch Pressure stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine that helps you get better sleep.

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If you are wondering how these blankets are made, each blanket has micro glass beads that give the weighted pressure. They are made really small to make sure that you are comfortable even when you lay on it.

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According to studies, weighted blankets can ease your stress and anxiety and improve the quality of sleep. But some love weighted blankets because it feels like someone is giving you a hug.

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But you have to take precaution when using a weighted blanket, it is advisable that you are at least 125lbs to use a 15lbs weighted blanket. It is not safe to be used by children below 3 years old or any individual who does not meet the weight requirement.

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Each blanket is measured at 60×80 inches or queen-sized and is made out of 100% cotton.

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You can also purchase the fleece cover if you want a softer texture for your blanket.

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