LOOK: This wedding in front of the erupting Mayon Volcano proves that love conquers all

The eruption of the Mayon Volcano has been the talk all over the country (among other things, of course). Photos of the volcanic activity have spread all over the internet thanks to social media.

People within the world-famous volcano’s area have been sharing their own images of the Mayon Volcano. There have been many variations of photographs featuring the majestic sight–each one with its own story.

One set of images that indeed tell a unique story went viral this week, and it’s not just because of the glorious sight that is the eruption of Mt. Mayon.

Nebreja Bros. Media was able to capture the once-in-a-lifetime wedding of couple Arlo Gerald and Maica dela Cruz in Albay–right in front of the erupting volcano!

Take a look at the unique photos below:

When asked about the wedding, Arlo Gerald shared with WhenInManila.com that the news of the volcanic activity did worry them, but it didn’t stop them from pushing through with the wedding.

“There’s no turning back,” he said.

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He also shared, “We just prayed for a good weather but God gave us a perfect weather and view for our celebration.”

Indeed, it’s an unforgettable celebration in ways more than one! These photos just prove that no storm nor earthquake nor volcanic eruption can stand in the way of true love!

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