LOOK: This Twitter user lists the restaurants that are no longer in Katipunan Avenue

Katipunan Avenue is a thriving belt of food and drink. Many restaurants have stood the test of time, serving classics that even our lolos and lolas remember. It gets so much traffic (literally) and so the competition can get pretty tough!

Tough enough to knock out some contenders, unfortunately.

This Twitter user has chronicled restaurants that Katipunan Avenue has loved and lost. Some were sad losses, others were simply just heartbreaking. There are times we can’t even wrap our head around how some establishments are gone after so many years! A shame, really.

Here’s to all the good times in those restaurants. Whether it was celebrating a group presentation or sobering up after a crazy night out. Thank you, Katipunan restaurants. Let’s reminisce.

Some classics that we have mourned:



Cantina (truly a heartbreaking loss)


Gravy Fix–this restaurant disappearing is an inconceivable blow to humankind


Ramen Oh (and its neighbor, Wok Dis Way)


And countless more! Check out the rest of his thread here:


Rest in peace, Katipunan restaurants. We will always remember you.

Which restaurant do you miss the most? Let us know!