LOOK: This Truffle Steak Platter is Perfect For Home Celebrations

We are all adapting to the new normal and since the lockdown, we have been discovering amazing food brands that offer unique and delicious treats.

Steak is something that we all love, it may be to indulge or maybe to celebrate at home but what do we get for a little bit of change? This truffle steak aburi by Gourmet Momma is definitely a dish that the whole family would love. They also offer a Surf N’ Turf Aburi which is half truffle steak and half kani. It is perfect for those who need variety and to share with your family and friends.


The nori sheets are for the kani but it also tastes great with the steak aburi and salpicao risotto. Their delicious platters are hot and fresh and the taste also gets better after a day or two (but it may not last that long cos it tastes too good that you may finish it in one seating).

What’s special about their offerings is that each platter is made with quality ingredients. They use filet mignon steak and an incredibly tasting truffle flavor.


The truffle steak and kani aburi are available in 2 sizes, 8×8 pan (good for 4-5pax) and 8×12 pan (good for 6-8pax).

Another favorite is their Cheesy Steak Salpicao on Truffle Risotto. It is made of chunks of filet mignon steak with 3 kinds of cheeses that will make any celebration truly special.


These food platters are a must-try and its perfect for home celebrations or even as gift for your loved ones.

Gourmet Momma