LOOK: This Talented Guy Knits Places on Sweaters and Then Visits Those Places


Meet Sam Barsky.


This talented dude knits images of different iconic places on sweaters. Later on, he visits these places to have a photo of himself wearing the sweater he made and the iconic place on the background.


So far, he has been winning the internet.


And his fame has reached massive proportions. Unfortunately, he doesn’t sell his sweaters right as they take a long time to make. He might soon though.

Just to let everyone know, I really love all my fans.

In the past day, as most of you know, my publicity has exploded exponentially worldwide.

I have a flood of messages and requests for interviews that I have received. I want to answer each one personally. It is just so many that I can’t get to them all in one day.

I’ve also been receiving numerous requests for sweaters/jumpers. Just to let everyone know, I do not sell the sweaters I knit. I wish I could. But it takes me a month to make each one.

My main goals now are assembling a staff who can assist me with this newfound fame.
And knitting of course!

Check out his other creations.

sam-barsky-knits-2 sam-barsky-knits-3 sam-barsky-knits-4 sam-barsky-knits-5 sam-barsky-knits-6 sam-barsky-knits-7 sam-barsky-knits-8 sam-barsky-knits-9 sam-barsky-knits-11 sam-barsky-knits-12 sam-barsky-knits-14 sam-barsky-knits-15 sam-barsky-knits-16 sam-barsky-knits-18

Cool, yeah?

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