LOOK: This student dresses her dog to prom!

Prom is definitely regarded as a night to remember, primarily one of the most memorable events you have in high school.¬†Twitter user Brenda Sierra stepped up her game by taking her dog to prom. That’s not it – they have matching outfits, too!

She took it to Twitter her adorable prom photos with her dog, and simply captioned:


The tweet then has received thousands of likes and retweets.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Sierra for further details. A resident of Tampa, Florida; the 18-year-old shares that these photos were taken during her senior prom.

I first got Sasha when she was five at the humane society two years ago, and now she’s 7. ¬†She’s a ful breed dachshund. She has her own personality and everyone loves her. She’s like a daughter to me and we just get each other so well, she goes everywhere with me. As of right now, she’s the only pet in the house.

Ever since I had Sasha I love dressing her up. From her birthday parties, going out to the park, going to the beach I love getting her dressed up and she’s very tolerant with it. As I was getting my dress fitted (for prom), I came up with an idea with the pieces they take off the dress to fit me better to hand them to me so I can make it into a dress for Sasha so she can spend my big night with me! I’m a hands on person that loves to make all sorts of things so I made it from scratch with no tutorial. I’m interested in designing and fashion so this was extremely fun for me to do. This was the first dress I ever made for Sasha. It took a few hours doing so but it looks like it paid off! I look up to Antonio Rubio, a fashion designer for pets. I’m interested in being a fashion designer when I am older.

Dog to Prom 1

Dog to Prom 2

Our awesome bond and me wanting her to be at every even with me made me want to make her a matching dress. I dress her up almost all the time so I figured it would make great pictures if we were matching! My first pet ever, a chihuahua named Marley, passed away about 6 years ago and when I was younger I planned to have Marley wear a cute tux for my Sweet 16th party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have a Sweet 16 and Marley passed away, so I guess a little of my inspiration also came from my childhood vision of wanting my pet dressed up at my birthday party.

Unfortunately, my mom had to take Sasha home after the photo shoot because pets weren’t allowed in prom.”

Dog to Prom 3

I’ve been friends with Rodney Sesler (my prom date) throughout high school and when I told him the idea (of dressing my dog) he thought it was hilarious and didn’t mind. He’s 19. The photographer was Emmanuel Santos (18) and is a good friend of mine from school.

My boyfriend Chance did not attend prom because he lives in another state and we were unable to afford a plane ticket in time.

I am trying to spread awareness of my transgender boyfriend Chance’s GoFundMe¬†for his surgery, ¬†as well as shed some light on the trans community.

You may view the GoFundMe link over here. Wishing Brenda and Chance the best!

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own these photos. Credits go to Brenda Sierra. You may view the original Tweet here.


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