LOOK: This Street Performer Has the Most Adorable Audience: Kittens

When in Manila, people love music. Filipinos are one of the best talents in the music industry across the globe.

pine sol me time

Studies show that meditating and listening to music are proven to effectively lessen our anxieties. Even though I hardly meditate, music keeps me calm and more creative.

Essentially, music unites everyone. The rhythm and the beat coincide with the beat of our hearts.

Such is what happened to a street performer in Malaysia. He wasn’t just attracting humans as his audience, but also the adorable kittens!

street performer with kittens as audience

As identified by mashable.com, the performer’s name is Jasni Mohammad and appears to be a travel agency owner and freelance musician.

Moreover, based on the video uploaded by Rasli Ibrahim on Facebook, the cats were attentive and appreciative of the singer.

Personally, I think the kittens thought he was serenading them and will eventually feed them.

Anyhow, watch the adorable video below:

Such a refreshing and fascinating video to see today, doesn’t it?

Have you got any adorable videos to share? You know the drill!


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