LOOK: This Strangely Twisted Coconut Tree Draws Attention

Going viral on social media recently is a photo of a twisted coconut tree. It seemed strange, hence, it drew attention from netizens.

From the photos shared by Hero Peewee Bacuno on Twitter, it can be seen that the coconut tree with a twisted branch. Hero even described the trunk of the tree as if it were a snake. The tree is over 30 meters tall.

The photos were taken from a coconut plantation in Lamitan, Basilan.

Strangely, the other coconut trees in the plantation grew as they should, towering tall and proud. Hence, even the officials of the Lamitan City Agriculture Office can’t explain why that one coconut tree grew in such manner.

Unfortunately, reports say that the twisted coconut tree may soon be cut down because it might be affected by a pest, cocolisap, which prevents it from bearing fruits.

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