LOOK: This store sells chicken nugget bouquets OMG

It seems like more and more people are gravitating towards the creative bouquet trend! And while we’ve seen teddy bear bouquets or chocolate bouquets, this is one bouquet we can get behind. Introducing: The chicken nugget bouquet. What I truly believe is the pinnacle of expressing love. Because who can say no to an entire bouquet of nuggets? (Sometimes it even comes with fries.)

This trend has been gaining traction for a while now and, honestly, I’ve no clue why it didn’t catch on earlier. Flowers are great, don’t get me wrong, but, man, can you eat them? I mean, you probably could if you were really, really hungry, but nuggets are the perfect snackage anytime. Perfect finger foods, great vehicles for sauce, there’s nothing about them I don’t like–except that I always, always need more of them.

So for this Valentine’s Day, are you getting your loved ones nugget bouquets? ‘Cause I definitely think you should! Unfortunately, this store is in Malaysia but you can definitely DIY it! All you need are barbecue sticks, nuggets, and some nice paper wrapping and you’ve got yourself the most romantic gift of all time.

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