LOOK: This Store Offers Delicious Edible Cookie Dough!

Article by Jerenze Christian B. Cuaki / Photos by Eunick Nobe

Looking for a new dessert to try with your family and friends or to treat your loved ones? This store will satisfy your sweetness (and sugar rush) cravings and will make your sweetest dreams come true!

Perfect Palate is an online store on Facebook that sells really DOUGH-LICIOUS edible cookie dough! The store launched in 2017 to bring edible cookie dough to everyone in the Philippines who has a sweet tooth. Aside from their edible cookie dough; they also sell cookies, brownies and more. Plus, they only use the highest quality ingredients with ZERO added preservatives.

Without further ado, here’s what you can buy at their store:

They have Red Velvet cookie dough (Php310 for 300g / Php165 for 150g), which has a touch of red in its filling and is topped with white chocolate chips. This can be the perfect gift for those who are close to your heart.

Aside from Red Velvet, they also offer other options, including Coffee, Brownie Batter, and Rocky Road!

The Coffee cookie dough (Php290 for 300g or Php160 for 150g) has a delicious yet flavorful kick of coffee in its filling. For Chocolate lovers, try their Rocky Road and Brownie Batter (both priced at Php290 for 300g or Php160 for 150g).

You’ll really love every spoonful of edible cookie dough!

The Rocky Road is a complete package of nuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows, while the Brownie Batter has chunks of edible brownie batter in the cookie dough and chocolate chips on top.

Perfect Palate’s edible cookie dough is packaged in an IG-worthy minimalist can, and is best served when chilled. It’s best before 2 weeks from date of receipt.

Can’t decide on a single flavor? They also have a HALF-AND-HALF option, with which you can get a mix of two flavors (300g only) in one can. Just pay for the flavor with the higher price.

Time to buy and share a spoon or two of edible cookie dough with your family and friends at Perfect Palate! Take note that they also offer other flavors aside from the ones in the article, so make sure to check out their page for more!

Perfect Palate


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