LOOK: This State of the Art Dental Clinic in Manila Pampers You with Excellent Service and Amenities

Words by Danielle Castillo

I’ve had my fair share of dentist visits in the past and, somehow, I’ve all managed to associate them with the stigma of a not-so-fun-borderline-never-going-again time. Well, that ends now, for GAOC, short for Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center, takes the cake for providing their patients one heck of a good time while in their clinic.

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The lobby of GAOC in its location in Greenbelt Residences, Makati

GAOC is one of Asia’s leading dental clinics, and it reflects in the way they handle their business. Founded by Dr. Steve Mark Gan, the clinic accepts only the best dentists across the country. It also boasts of high-end facilities and a beautiful hotel-like interior that is sure to leave you in awe.

However, what really sets GAOC apart from other dental clinics is how much they care for their customers. This is a dental clinic that, while making you feel like royalty throughout your entire treatment, also treats you as a dear friend. Here’s how they do it.

Say hello to the GAOC SM Megamall team! ✌🏻 The team is headed by Dr. Phaveena, with associates Dr. Cres & Dr. Adriel! 👍🏻…

Posted by GAOC – Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Upon entering the clinic, the patients are warmly welcomed by the dazzling smiles of the hosts. While waiting in the lounge (which, by the way, is incredibly spacious and luxurious), one can choose from a plethora of reading materials and movies to distract themselves with. They offer refreshments, too!

So here is where it starts to get even more amazing. Remember what I said before about them treating you like a dear friend? Well, in this consultation room, you’ll experience such a wonderful bond with your GAOC dentist that you won’t think of going to other ones again.

In GAOC, they understand fully the concept that each patient has different needs. Thus, personalized services like specific diagnostic and scanning equipment are utilized to make sure the doctors really know what’s going on. Furthermore, after everything’s been said and done, they lay out the findings and how things are going to work in your treatment on a TV for better illustration. How awesome is that?!

The fun doesn’t end there. Why? Well…that’s because each operating room has its own TV! That means that while you’re having your wisdom teeth pulled or you’re getting retainers, you can watch your favorite movie to divert your attention from the pain.

No need to crook your neck at an ugly angle either because they placed the TV at the top of the far wall. They’re friends, I tell you. Friends.

After finishing your treatment, GAOC goes the extra mile by providing a cozy place where you can just chill and relax. If your operation’s a bit on the heavy side, they also give you a soothing massage with the latest therapeutic massage equipment so that your recovery is accelerated.

Aside from all that I’ve mentioned above, GAOC is the first establishment to practice Dental Tourism in the Philippines. When you book an appointment with them, they can also arrange a fantastic vacation for you in the tropical islands of the Philippines through their various connections.

GAOC prides itself as the leading dental clinic in the country and one of the best in Southeast Asia. Now, you have an idea why. If your visit to the dentist is already long overdue, maybe this is the time for you to go ahead and try GAOC.

GAOC / Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center

Level 5 Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Ortigas Center
+632 ‎‎‎‎725-4262 / +63 917-1584-262
Twitter/Instagram: @gaocdental

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