LOOK: This Stall Selling French Fries Looks Awfully Familiar…

Filipinos really have a way with humor, which includes the silliest puns!

From BigMak Burger to Fried of Marikina and Hair Force One as well as Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin, it’s no wonder that these funny establishment names have such an effective name recall, as we seem to love names that tickle our funny bone!

This stall selling french fries weren’t lost on the joke when they decided to name their stall a name that just almost rings a bell…

What’s not to love? Aside from the┬ávery pun-ny name, that reaction on the face of the potato is enough to elicit several laughs.

Here’s hoping the fries are as good as the clever name!

Thoughts on this? Will you be eating here soon?