LOOK: This School Staff Will Surely Make You Smile

Cheers to Colegio De San Lorenzo for this adorable new employee!


(Photo credits to Aloerah Dee Macalalad)

According to Whoopi Prt’s Facebook post, Colegio De San Lorenzo’s new school staff, Enzo, is allowed to go in and out of the campus where he mingles with the students and teachers. So cute!

I’m sure this is super helpful because school can get stressful sometimes, and a dog’s love is surely an effective stress reliever. I know it’ll definitely take my worries away to see a dog staff roaming around to make everyone’s day.


(Photo credits to Aloerah Dee Macalalad)

What makes it even more adorable is that this little guy has his own ID! Awww. Too cute! Check out that ID photo, you guys. I don’t know about you, but his ID photo looks way handsome. Who even looks that cute on ID photos?

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Colegio De San Lorenzo students and staff are super lucky. Oh, and awesome job to their management, too, for doing something like this!

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