LOOK: This Sanrio Float Town is in the Philippines!

Your vacation (and your Instagram) is now more fun and colorful with the Sanrio Float Town!

Inflatable Island’s very own Sanrio Float Town is just a few hours drive from Manila. The bright and vivid colors are vibrant from the slides to the lounges near the coastline. It’s a getaway from the urban jungle into over 44, 132 square feet of waterpark fun. Slide, swing, and bounce around the beach for a little bit of exercise and a lot of photos!

A huge Gudetama is waiting for you and is dubbed by the organizers as the biggest!

The gang is complete with the Hello Kitty and Kerokerokeroppi floaties and you can lounge around their Bali inspired area!

My Melody and Little Twin Stars are also hanging out by the shore to keep you company.

Sanrio Float Town is officially open to the public on October 31st! Beat the heat or run away from the congested and polluted city with what we have to offer. You’re sure to have a ton of fun with your
friends, family, or partner and make memories that’ll last. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share the fun with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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