LOOK: This Samgyupsal has 11 different types of meat for you to enjoy!

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Photos by Caitlin Rodil

In rare times of coinciding hunger and a full wallet, one sulit place to go to is a Korean BQQ restaurant. The sound of sizzling meat will make your mouth water even from miles away. However, there are times when eating the same thing can be quite… tiring. You want more flavors—better if they’re unheard of!

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Lucky for you, I got to taste a whole new different plate. Fantastic Baka.

As you enter the restaurant, the staff greets you with a happy “Annyeonghaseyo!” as one of the waiters leads you to your seat. The interior is designed to look like a classic Korean setting with marbled tables and tiled walls, an elegant yet simple vibe.

Once you’re seated, there is a variety of meat to choose from. Their ‘Premium Beef’ as they like to call it consists of Brisket Point, Prime Chuck Eyeroll, Hanging Tender, Seasoned Plate, and Spicy Bulgogi. Each meat (most of it) can be seasoned with two kinds of seasoning: a simple season or flaming spicy! (Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy).

Their Fantastic Pork also has a variety of Belly, Jowl, Neck Part, and, of course, Bulgogi as well (Spicy or seasoned—up to you still!) My preference, if I may, is the thin belly! Quick to grill and easy to eat.

Let’s not forget the sides. You can go with some classic rice or a bit of kimchi. There’s also Denjang stew, Jap-Chae, steamed egg (which, by the way, I couldn’t get enough of), coleslaw for a touch of veggies, and stir-fried fish cake (It might sound fishy but it’s not! It’s honestly so good!).

Not to mention some fresh vegetables! The lettuce gives your meat a crunch. Their sauces are also delicious, the cheese sauce, especially. It’s not like cheese you can typically find in the groceries. Instead, a bowl is placed on the grill to slowly melt the cheese while you eat.

Most people would probably be concerned with the ventilation. But, Fantastic Baka makes sure it’s the least of your worries. The smoke doesn’t stick to your clothes so you still come out smelling fresh and non-meaty. Their staff changes the grill every once in a while without you having to ask! If you want a more private area, VIP rooms are available upstairs upon request.

To validate its authenticity, they mostly attract Korean customers, which says a lot about their food and service.

Don’t miss out with what Fantastic Baka has to offer!


Grandia Building, Mother Ignacia st., Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
0917 132 1170

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