LOOK: This Resto Offers Unli Korean BBQ for P279 and their Three-Cheese Dip is a Must-Try!

Should I say it? I probably shouldn’t. Whatever, I’m going to say it: Korean BBQ is a guilty pleasure we’d all gladly go broke for trying to satisfy. Once you start, there is no going back. Birthday? Korean BBQ. Had a stressful week? Korean BBQ. Had a bad day? Korean BBQ. Got P500 left in your wallet? Korean BBQ. Nothing significant at all? Korean BBQ. It’s crazy!

For students relying on daily, weekly, and monthly allowances, the usual rates do not exactly fit our budget. We sometimes have to skip a meal or two just to be able to afford one session of Korean BBQ that you plan out weeks ahead with your friends. But who can resist, right? Well, this restaurant that we found offers unlimited Korean BBQ starting at a student-friendly price of P279. No catch! You get all side dishes, soup, steamed egg, and drinks with it.

The restaurant, Samgyupsalan, just opened last December 2018, but is already making waves in the North—in Valenzuela City, to be exact—with its affordable menu. They serve three meat varieties (pork, chicken, and beef) in four delightful flavors (plain, spicy, bulgogi, and curry). Everything is so well-marinated, the flavors just explode in your mouth at the first bite. The pork bulgogi is definitely a must-try; it did not get its bestseller title for no reason.

And I haven’t even mentioned the best part: THE CHEESE. How do I even get started on the cheese? Now, I know we have all heard of mozzarella dipping sauce, but have you heard of a three-cheese dip for samgyeopsal? It is marvelous.

If cheese isn’t your thing, what are you even? Kidding! Don’t worry, Samgyupsalan’s still got you with their other sauces available: traditional soybean paste, the ultimate Filipino sauce for everything–soy sauce with calamansi, and  my, oh, my, the delectable garlic yogurt dipping sauce. For me, it is a close fight between this one and the three-cheese dip; I won’t even make you choose!

Things just keep getting better for our meat obsession. You know we will not be giving this obsession up anytime soon.

What is your favorite Korean BBQ dipping sauce? Tell us in the comments!

Samgyupsalan Unli Korean BBQ

GF, Gen. T Central Building, Brgy. Gen.T De Leon, Valenzuela City (in front of Holy Cross Parish)
Operating hours: 11 AM – 11 PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Samgyupsalan


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