LOOK: This Restaurant in Taft Serves P300 Rib-Eye Steaks!

Written by: Carinna Reyes
Photos by: Ian Esteves

Miracles can be attained right in Taft, Manila.

At the ground floor level of 2 Torre Lorenzo, Taft Avenue is a restaurant that serves quality steaks so affordable they taste like miracles.

Holy Grill prides itself in preparing food with quality ingredients, but for an affordable price. For a solo serving worth PHP 200, customers can feast on their prized dish, the Rib-Eye steak made with beef imported from USA and Brazil. The flavor of the meat is equally balanced with salt and pepper, and the tender yet the smoky flavor of it makes it a great meal for satisfying your hunger.

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Another crowd favorite is their Spicy Cumin Ribs – savory American ribs marinated in barbecue sauce and served with java rice. To get the most out of the natural flavor of the meat, the ribs with the appropriate amount of fat are marinated for 48 hours and slow cooked in the oven, resulting in tender, spicy ribs.

For those of you that aren’t meat lovers, their selection of chicken and fish dishes are a must-try too. Their Baked Fish is soft and packed with delicious parmesan cheese, and their unique Crunchy Chicken Cornflake (chicken fillet fried with cornflake cereal breading) is a unique dish you can’t get anywhere else.

What’s even more miraculous is their upcoming promo. After reaching their goal of selling ten thousand plates of the Rib Eye steak (#HGROADTO10K), they will sell the said dish for only PHP 10.00 for a short period of time. So if you’re around Taft, I suggest you grab your biggest group of friends, order the rib eye steak, and even have fun at their photo booth wall, because the more rib-eye steaks that would be sold, the closer we can get to those ten-peso rib eye steaks!

Holy Grill

Ground Floor, 2 Torre Lorenzo, Taft Avenue, Malate Manila
(02) 253 5748
Instagram: @holygrillph


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