LOOK: This restaurant has 64 types of sisig!

You know how Filipinos have this perpetual battle between sinigang and adobo? Sisig has always personally been my favorite Filipino dish. Please don’t try to talk me out of this, it won’t work.

Whether you love the dish like I do, or are just a casual fan, it looks like this eatery has something for everyone. Dad’s Chamami Eatery reportedly has 64 types of sisig on its menu. While the text is too small to really double-check the count of this Reddit user, the fact that the sisig options take up three columns speaks for itself.

This place in Lucena City has 64 types of sisig from Philippines

Some interesting choices that have me scratching my head in curiosity are Sisig Smart, Sisig Sun, and Sisig Globe. Sisig Aldub and Sisig Duterte make me wonder what exactly the dish has to commemorate these personalities. For the less adventurous there are the usual options like Sisig Pork or Chicken.

Unfortunately, Dad’s Chamami Eatery is a little out of the way. It is located it in Lucena city, the capital of Quezon province. Hey, at least you can pin it for the next time you make the trip out!

Which sisig type would you most like to try? 


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