LOOK: This Public Restroom Will Make You Say “Sana All”

Bathroom Thailand 4

There are a lot of nice public restrooms in the Philippines but most of them are simply-designed with just the bare necessities. Which is fine. We go there to relieve ourselves, wash our hands (hopefully you all do!), and leave. But when we encounter a beautiful one, with extra amenities or gorgeous interiors, we remember them. This is an example of one that made us say “sana all.”

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Posted by Cherie Escobin – Ranes on Friday, March 26, 2021

This restroom was shared with us by Cherie Escobin-Ranes, who encountered the restroom in ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand. Yes, sad to say that we’ll have to fly to Bangkok to experience this. While borders are still closed due to the pandemic, perhaps it can inspire us to shop for budol finds on Lazada and Shopee to recreate this at home?

According to Escobin-Ranes, “Pang-VIP ang datingan pero pang-masa po siya. All in 1 itong banyong ito dahil nakawee wee ka na ng matiwasay, nakapag-tour at may natutunan ka pa! Saan ka makakakita non? Very rare kaya worthy i-share!”

In her post, she also shared the stories behind the design. We’re impressed that she took the time to understand the story behind it!

In the entrance is a beautiful mural on the wall. This one represents Thai culture and architecture. According to Escobin-Ranes, there are more inside that represent the culture and community of the different places in Thailand:

Thailand restroom

The huge jars are actually sinks that the Thai call “water jars.” The colors symbolize the character of different regions in the country:

Thailand restroom 2

It’s not just the design that’s awesome. The toilets have great features when you’re ready to get down to business. Each stall has two sprays: one to sanitize the bowl before and after use, and another one for your hands. Escobin-Ranes adds that a lot of restrooms in Thailand have this feature. Very hygienic!

Thailand restroom 3


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