LOOK: This Powerbank Can Charge Your Laptop!

If there is something that we are always worried about, it’s probably how to keep our gadgets fully-charged. If you are always on the go like me, a powerbank and charging cable are always in my bag.

I have tried more than a dozen brands of powerbank and most of them either get empty easily or they just don’t work anymore. Luckily, I found Veger Powerbanks with the recommendation of a blogger friend.

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I have two Veger powerbanks that I use. One is solely for my mobile phone and another is for my laptop- yes laptop! Since my work requires a lot of traveling and out of office meetings, it’s important for me to be able to charge my laptop even if there’s no power outlet available. I honestly didn’t know that there are powerbanks that can power up your laptop so it was a relief to find this. It is also perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyle to juice up your mobile phone a number of times even with a single charge.

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My Veger VP-3008 is 30,000MAH and as big as an iPhone XI pro max. It is also almost the same size of the width of a macbook pro. Though the size of the powerbank is a little big, it is perfectly understandable because of its high power capacity.

It also has a digital screen where you can see how much power the powerbank has left. As for the input and output slots, it is equipped with a Micro Input of 5V-2.0A, Type-C Input of 5V-2.0A, USB Output of 5V-2.1A. USB Output of 5V-2.1A and USB Output 5V-2.1A.

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If you want a smaller powerbank for everyday use, the Veger Bolt VP1103 is perfect for you. It’s 10,000MAH power is combined with the Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 to make sure you get the best quality for your powerbank.

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If you are looking for quality charging wires that won’t break the bank, Veger also has USB-C and Lightning cables.

In my experience, there are many lightning cables that didn’t work well with my iPhone and the Veger charging cable worked perfectly well with my iPhone and other gadgets.

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Veger is the global leader in power bank charging technology. Manufacturer of high quality, lightweight portable chargers.


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