LOOK: This Pinoy Did a “Romantic” Photoshoot With His Thesis in Japan

5 years ago, a Master’s graduate went viral online over his “breakup photoshoot” with his thesis upon finally finishing the requirement. It looks like the trend continues for Paul Regonia as he does another “romantic” photoshoot—this time with his doctoral studies in Japan.

Regonia excitedly shared these photos on his Facebook page. Each photo looks like a scene straight from a Japanese drama show!

“The thesis photoshoot was some sort of a ‘love letter’ to my four years of doctoral research,” he shares with WhenInManila.com.

He also reveals that, in grad school, his friends would constantly ask him why he was single. Regonia says that this photoshoot was his answer to them—that he wasn’t really lonely because he was doing something he loved.

The photoshoot was a way for him to capture that grad school journey: ” How it started as rose-colored (like any typical relationship); how I had to go through some challenges—misplaced expectations, pressures, disappointments, which real-life couples would also face. There was also a pretty funny instance of a ‘third party,’ where I focused on another research topic for a while because my main topic wasn’t going anywhere. But until the end, I stayed with my original research.”

Regonia’s research is entitled: “In Pursuit of Depression Biomarkers: Exploring the Neural Energy Landscapes of Melancholic Depression”—a study he finished during a research internship at NAIST (Nara, Japan).

Check out the complete set of photos below:

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