LOOK: This Pinay Got A Greeting From Emma Watson While She Was At Home Studying!

Gone are the days when being locked up in your room as you studied meant being denied any interaction with the outside world. With the advancements of technology, you could pretty much reach the other side of the world with just a touch of a button. Or you could get a celebrity greeting while you’re in your room studying.

This is exactly what happened with student Therese Kiara.

In a Facebook post, she shared her surreal experience when Emma Watson herself greeted her even when Therese was at her house studying!

Check it out below:

Therese shares that she was just studying for her biology exam when her mother called on Facetime. Her mom then gushed about how Emma Watson was standing right behind her in New York.

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Making the most of the opportunity, she approached the Hollywood star and asked if she could greet Therese. Emma graciously obliged.

How’s that for some motivation?! I’d definitely study a lot harder if I had Emma Watson asking me to.

Which celebrity would you want to ‘meet’ while you’re studying? Share it with us below!