LOOK: This pig who knows how to paint probably earns more money than you


If you’re an aspiring artist, here’s something to lift your spirits: this pig knows how to paint and is earning almost $4,000 (roughly P210,800) per piece.

Pigcasso, a sow from South Africa, discovered how to paint when her owners noticed her love of paintbrushes. According to Farm Sanctuary SA owner Joanne Lefson, she was rescued from an abattoir and was given soccer and rugby balls to play with. However, she destroyed everything except the brushes, which were lying around because the barn was newly-built.

Lefson adds, “Pigcasso is definitely an abstract expressionist, you can’t exactly define what she’s painting but I can tell you that her style slightly changes depending on her mood like any great artist.

She has definitely become popular, with a Swiss watchmaker announcing a collaboration with her. One of her artworks was turned into a watch face and sells for 0 (roughly P6,324).

Pigcasso also has a website that offers her works. Each purchase is personally signed by her nose-tip and limited edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity. She even takes commissions!

It supports a cause as all purchases benefit Farm Sanctuary SA’s mission to inspire compassion for farm animals.

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