LOOK: This Photographer Turned Escolta, Manila into New York City Through Amazing Photos

Disclaimer: This is an updated version of a previously published article.

Photography can pretty much make many impossible things possible. And I’m not just talking about photo manipulation. Sometimes, with just the right skill, gear and people, photography can transport you to other places without traveling. Take, for example, photographer Rvee Santiago who shared his amazing photos with the WIM Squad.

In a photo shoot session that was a collaboration with other local artists, this amazing photographer was able to make Escolta, Manila into New York City! That’s right. The historical street of Escolta suddenly looked like a street in urban New York.

Check out some of the photos below and try to wrap your mind around the fact that they were all taken in Escolta:

escolta newyork 1Photo by Rvee Santiago

escolta newyork 6Photo by Rvee SantiagoPhoto by Rvee Santiago

escolta newyork 2Photo by Rvee Santiago

escolta newyork 3Photo by Rvee Santiago

escolta newyork 4Photo by Rvee Santiago

escolta newyork 5Photo by Rvee Santiago

In the Facebook post, Rvee Santiago shared that the photos were inspired by the Zac Efron-Imogen Poots film, That Awkward Moment. He also shared some of the challenges of this photo shoot such as looking for the right spots and having their model wear winter clothes in the middle of the Manila heat (we can just imagine the sweat!), but it all turned out amazing!

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I was personally in awe of these photos as I scrolled through Rvee Santiago’s photo album. It was also quite disorienting to see quite a familiar place in a new and unique perspective. One couldn’t even deny the talents of the people that made this possible.

This is just one example of how photographs can tell amazing stories and can turn one kind of beauty into another beautiful thing.

You can check out the full album here.

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