LOOK: This Photo Of A Transgender Couple Shows Love In Different Forms

Love wins, indeed!

On the surface, Aiju and Arihya, both 25, look like any other couple on the street.

And in many respects, that is exactly what they are — a man and a woman hopelessly in love with one another.

See, a unique aspect of their relationship is that Aiju and Arihya are both transgender. Aiju identifies as a man, while Arihya identifies as a woman.

This photo, taken by Gerald Gloton, has made the rounds on social media showing the couple in an intimate embrace.

transgender couple

Gerald, a photographer, originally wanted to submit the image to a nationwide photography competition, with the theme of love. However, he discovered that the contest banned submissions that depicted same-sex couples. Gerald then decided to turn the subject of LGBT love into a personal project.

In the caption, Gerald said:

Their courtship started on social media. Curiosity prompted each to examine the other’s Facebook profile, and what they both found out elicited the sort of shock and amazement other people might also feel when told of their unique tandem–

You see, Aiju Balancio, 25 is a transgender man, and Arihya Zolanski, 25 is a transgender woman.

People say it’s unusual that they are two transgender people who are in a relationship. But like any other couple, they too have had fears and doubts and disagreements. And like any other couple, they can prove that they can overcome whatever, because they have each other.

Often, they are asked to explain their relationship, but there’s nothing else to say. “When you’re in love,” Aiju says, “that’s all there is to it.”

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Perhaps in part due to our cultural upbringing and religious beliefs, talk of the LGBTQ+ community can be a wary, even contentious topic for many of us. This photo shows that love truly transcends all, even gender. Whether we’re cisgender, trans, queer or in between, love is love.

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