LOOK: This pet owner gets extra for his dogs and builds them a posh pup place!

It’s a pet owner‘s dream come true!

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Facebook user Aaron Franks took it to his account how he was finally able to accomplish a project he built for years – a dog house! It’s complete with a mini porch, a swimming pool, dog ropes and even escape holes for his dogs to enter and exit. It’s basically a mini paradise for his furry friends!

“Our dogs are a part of our family and our dog house almost completes our home that we’ve been working on for 10 years. I guess some people wouldn’t call it a dog house, but that’s the shortest name I could come up with,” Franks shares.

According to Franks, the dog house “is a three storey play area (dog storey)” that has “three entrances, comes equipped with electricity, running water, three swings, an inground pool, two security cameras, indoor staircase with ramp, fire hydrant, pirate ship wheel, access to food and water, three rabbit escape holes, plenty of spots to lounge in or out the sun, plus a ‘boom-boom room’.”

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Franks reports to WHENINMANILA.COM that he built it for his four dogs – Tessa (10), Bruno (9), Coupe (5) and Mia (4).

He also mentions that he did not sketch the design for the “dog house”.

It was all in my head, I would write down a few measurements here and there but it was mostly just a freestyle.”

Franks wins, definitely! Welcome to your new home, doggies!

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