LOOK: This Paw-togenic Dog Models For Designer Menswear!

From pet brands to designer clothes, this stylish dog is taking pet modeling into a whole new level.

Definitely not just your ordinary dog, Bodhi is a New York-based Shiba Inu that models for high-end brands’ menswear clothing. His super cute photos wearing all these outfits are currently sweeping hearts all over the internet!

Check out some of our favorites below.

When that sun feels so right ☀️✨

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Wink-off challenge accepted ???????? #winkwednesday

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Aside from the sense of hearing and smelling which are considered as dogs’ edge over humans and other animals, Bodhi has the most important sense of all – the sense of style.

Born to be Wild ????✨

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From what started as a Saturday afternoon kind of activity to pass time, Bodhi now models for big fashion brands, such as Coach, ASOS and Salvatore Ferragamo to mention a few.

Side swag ✨????

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More popularly known as Menswear Dog online, he has over 231,000 Facebook likes and 284,000 Instagram followers which shows how fond the public is of this paw-togenic pooch.

Always your best friend ????

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Oh, did we mention that he even has his own book? Yup, Bodhi and his paw parents just released a book entitled, Menswear Dog: The New Classics.

Scarf game strong ???????? #hellospring #????

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At present, Bodhi is still capturing the internet’s love with his daily fashionable posts that will surely inspire all of us to step up our #OOTDs, for both our pets and ourselves.

Do you also love dressing up your pets? Tell us in the comments.

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