LOOK: This Pancit Topped With Lechon is Perfect For Your Next Party!

Words by Bea Lizarondo Soliman
Photos by Michelle Neri

If you are looking for food to bring to your next potluck gathering, Bob’s Pancit Ulam is sure to have you covered.

Bob’s Pancit Ulam adds a twist to the Filipino-favorite Pancit Guisado by generously layering it with a scrumptious local dish. Some of these toppings are the viands Pork Sisig, Bistek Tagalog, Lechon, and even seafood.

For their Pancit Ulam Regulars, they serve Pancit Chicken Afritada, Pancit Pork Sisig, Pancit Chicken Pork Adobo, Pancit Fried Chicken Wings, Pancit Pork Menudo, Pancit Beef Tapa, Pancit Bistek Tagalog, and Pancit Lechon Kawali.

While for their Specialty Pancit Dishes, they serve Pancit Bihon Chicken Pork Guisado, Pancit Lechon, Pancit Seafood Special, and Pancit Pusit Special (Pancit Itim).

From all the dishes that Bob’s Pancit Ulam offers, our personal favorite hands-down has to be their Pancit Lechon! In this dish, flavorful noodles are covered with liberal servings of crispy lechon, hamonado longganisa, chicken strips, chicken liver, kamias, and vegetables.

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Another one of our favorites is the Pancit Seafood Special wherein shrimps, adobong pusit, quail eggs, fish-balls, squid-balls, kamias, and vegetables are combined to top the noodles.

Prices depend on the size that is ordered. For the sizes, they offer Regular (fit for eight to ten people), Family (fit for twelve to fifteen), Party (fit for eighteen to twenty people), and Fiesta (fit for twenty-two to twenty-five). With Bob’s Pancit Ulam, not only will you be able to eat a bilao of home-cooked pancit but also your choice of local dish!

Bob’s Pancit Ulam

Galleria New Manila, 23 14th St. New Manila
1112 Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook: @bobspancitulam
0917-563-0322 / 0922-364-1979


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