LOOK: This online shop prints your pet’s photos on phone cases!

As much as pet parents would love to have their pets with them 24/7, it’s a very difficult thing to achieve, especially for those who have office jobs or those who have to go to school. But thanks to technology, we’ve discovered a way to bring your pets with you everywhere you go! And if you’ve got a phone that’s with you at all times, it definitely is possible.

Printed Pets is an online shop that specializes in printing photos of pets onto phone cases, laptop cases, shirts, tote bags, and other accessories so that pet parents wouldn’t have to spend any second without their babies.

Each of their products is highly customizable and handcrafted by real artists! And it’s really easy to get your own pet printed onto your choice of product! Just send them a high-resolution photo of your fur baby (or babies!), choose the color and type of your product, and wait for your Printed Pet item to be delivered to you!

Each product is of great quality and well-made, too. Definitely worth it!

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Aside from allowing pet lovers to “carry” their pets around with them in such a simple way, they are also a very advocate-driven company. A portion of each purchase goes directly to Hound Haven Philippines, an organization that “cares for and rehabilitates retired working dogs.” They help these dogs “live the remaining years of their lives as normal family pets.”

Printed Pets not only aims to make pet parents happy but also to “put a smile to other dogs.” So, every Printed Pet product you get is not just a gift to yourself, but a gift to a future pet as well!

Go ahead and make yourself happier with a Printed Pets product. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your pets closer.

Printed Pets

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