LOOK: This Online Business is Selling a Tasty Zamboanga Specialty!

Gone are the days where we can travel to taste different dishes that the Philippines has to offer. Luckily, many online shops have opened and are giving us specialties that are native to some provinces.

Astrid’s Table, a home-based food business opened early June 2020 and is offering a Zamboanga specialty- Curacha.

Curacha is known in Zamboanga and is cooked traditionally with coconut milk, aligue or crab fat, and other spices. Astrid’s table is making their own version of the specialty dish, making sure that each platter is made with love.

Unlike Mud Crabs or Alimango, Curacha has more meat inside its body but has smaller claws.

Astrid’s Table also serves other seafood platters like the mixed seafood which is their best-seller. It is a mix of Curacha, Shrimps, Chilean Black Mussels and corn in their special sauce.

If you don’t fancy Curacha, you can opt to have it replaced by crabs.

They also have Astrid’s combo which is Chilean Black Mussels and Shrimp with their special sauce.

If you don’t fancy shellfish and crabs, you can order a shrimp platter which they call the Table Special.

You can opt for a half platter which is good for 1-3pax or full platter which is good for 4-6pax.

Seafood is always a good idea and Astrid’s Table is committed to giving you a taste of Zamboanga with their platters.  Don’t forget to cook rice when you order, their sauce is perfect with rice and extra rice!

Astrid’s Table