LOOK: This Newborn Kitten’s Photo Shoot Is Totally Paw-dorable!

You know how parents usually hire people to take photos of their newborn babies?

Well, here’s a new one. A photographer named Kitty Schaub recently adopted a homeless kitten and decided to do an intimate photo shoot with the little furry baby which they named Luna. We’re telling you, it looks absolutely paw-dorableĀ and we can’t stop looking!

Kitty even dressed Luna up and used really cute props which made the whole set really dreamy. Check out the photos below.

Shortly after posting the photos on Facebook, the post went viral and the internet couldn’t stop talking about how cute the whole thing was. Requests for more photos also flooded and so, Kitty made a Facebook page specifically for Luna. You can now follow her at ‘Luna the Black Little Kitten’.

Luna’s photos are just so cute, sweet and pure that now, I also want to do a photo shoot with my cat!

Did you also love the photos? Tell us in the comments!


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