LOOK: This New World Leader’s First Cat is Taking Over The Internet and Cat Lovers are Thrilled

UPDATE: We’re sad to share this news. Paddles, the First Cat with ‘thumbs,’ the cat who loved to tweet, has died after being hit by a car near her mom’s new home, the New Zealand Prime Minister’s official residence in Auckland. Paddles, adopted from an animal shelter, leaves behind thousands of grieving fans. 

There’s a growing list of world leaders who are pet lovers. Taiwan’s Prime Minister Tsai Ing-wen and South Korea’s new President Moon Jae-in come to mind. Tsai lavishes attention on two adopted cats while Moon on his adopted shelter pets, the latest of which is a black mixed-breed dog.

The newest world leader to add to this list is New Zealand’s newly elected leader Jacinda Ardern who is a devoted mom to her ginger-and-white cat named Paddles. This “First Cat,” however, is something extraordinary as she has her own Twitter account, @FirstCatofNZ.

As you can see, Paddles loves to tweet. As of writing, she has amassed almost 10,000 followers since she debuted this October.



No one is sure who is actually running Paddles’ Twitter account.  In published interviews, Ardern says she is happy about it but, keeping in mind that Paddles has thumbs, she can’t put it past her beloved furball to being actually behind the account.

What a cute cat and how nice that there are more world leaders who are also pet lovers. Here in the Philippines, do you know of any leaders who are also pet lovers? That would be great to know.

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