LOOK: This Neon Boxing Gym Offer Fun Workouts Perfect for the Barkada

Ultraboxx Boxing Club is an engaging, high-intensity full-body workout that gets your heart pumping while also burning calories and increasing strength. Unleash your inner badass in our customized Battle Ground. It’s equipped with everything you’ll need for an all-out boxing workout. At Ultraboxx, we increase the fun factor with hype music and lights to get you into the groove. 

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Smash your usual routine — Adding regular boxing sessions to your fitness routine will help you lose weight, build muscle mass, enhance endurance, improve stability, and tone your body. But more than that, Ultraboxx is about helping you build a better relationship with your body. 

A boxing workout will also help you weave, duck, and punch your way to a healthier and happier you. Our sessions also help you relieve stress and everyday worries thanks to the increase in endorphin levels. 

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Boxing it out with our expert trainers also helps your balance, coordination, and agility. Each session includes a warm-up and a run-through of basic boxing moves before the actual workout begins and cool down afterward — all in just one 50-minute class. Our classes are long enough to fire you up for an intense burn that leaves you wanting more. Singaporean medalist and fitness guru Bryan Tay, who has already co-founded other fitness studios, was the mentor and trainer of Ultraboxx’s impressive roster of instructors.

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Singaporean medalist and fitness guru Bryan Tay

“An Ultraboxx workout combines high-impact cardio and high-intensity interval training. It’s also a great way to help relieve stress and improve mental focus,” says Jolo Estrada, co-founder of Ultraboxx. 

Get into that boxing zone and fire up your fitness passion at the newest Ultraboxx!

Ultraboxx Boxing Club is located at L3 East Wing, Estancia, Capital Commons, Pasig. Find out more or check out our class schedule by following us on @ultra.boxx on Instagram and Facebook. 

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