LOOK: This Milk Tea Shop is Bringing the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Craze to Town

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue
Photos by Gabi Fresnido

Attention, all milk tea lovers: this milk tea shop in Maginhawa is bringing the latest Taiwanese craze to town! The brown sugar milk tea is a popular milk tea flavor in Taiwan and now you don’t have to go all the way there just to try it. Starting October 1, Oh My Tea is going to serve their Golden Sugar Milk Tea–their own spin on the Taiwanese favorite.

Don’t forget to try Oh My Tea’s Golden Sugar Milk Tea when it comes out!

I was able to try this special milk tea when I visited their shop, and I can tell you that it is something that you should absolutely try. It has the perfect amount of sweetness that is sure to satisfy your cravings. But before you start drinking, make sure to shake it well so that the sugar perfectly mixes with the tea!

What makes this milk tea special is that the ingredients are imported from Taiwan and the pearls in this milk tea are even cooked in Taiwanese brown sugar. The owners of Oh My Tea also went to Taiwan to attend tea making classes so you are guaranteed an authentic experience of what Taiwan has to offer. Yum!

But while waiting for their Golden Sugar Milk Tea to come out, there are other flavors for you to try. One of their recommended flavors is their Chocolate Caramel Cream. It’s a milk tea topped with salted caramel cream and is a perfect balance of sweet with a hint of salty. When drinking this, the owners recommend that you don’t use a straw so that you can taste all the layers.

Oh My Tea’s Chocolate Caramel Cream (P140)

If you’re looking for more options, they also recommend their Thai Red Milk Tea, Strawberry Fruit Tea, and their Taiwan Signature Milk Tea. The milk teas also come with one free sinker so you don’t have to worry about paying more if you want some pearls in your drink, and you can also customize the sweetness and ice level of your milk tea!

Don’t find a flavor you fancy? Don’t worry, with Oh My Tea’s extensive menu, you’ll surely find the flavor for you!

Oh My Tea

111 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City


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