LOOK: This Might Be The Best Way To Track Down Your Godparents This Christmas!

Merry Christmas! O, nakahingi ka na ba ng aguinaldo sa mga ninong at ninang mo?

One of the classic traditions that truly make one’s Christmas Pinoy na Pinoy is the act of “pamamasko”, where kids (and kids-at-heart) pay their godparents a visit and ask for their holiday “blessings”, in the form of gifts or money. Sometimes, this can even turn into a wild goose chase, when your hiding godparents are nowhere to be found!

Not to worry, as here is an efficient system for you to track down your godparents and list down whether they’ve given you your most precious aguinaldo for the year (and know whether they’ll owe you for next year!)

Ninong Ninang Aguinaldo Christmas

Tell us, can you relate? Tag your ninongs and ninangs!


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