LOOK: This man chugs down liters of milk when stopped by airport security

man chugs milk australia airport

Screenshot from Pear Video

If you have traveled on a plane, you’re probably familiar with the rule of not bringing liquid that goes over a certain amount on your carry-on because it is likely that the airport security will confiscate it.

However, this man from Zhengzhou, China was bringing home a three-liter milk container from his trip to Australia when he realized that it might not make it on his flight home.

Apparently, airport restrictions only allow liquid that is 500ml or less on the carry-on baggage. Upon realizing this, the traveler decided to drink most of the milk since he won’t be able to bring it home anyway.

In a video posted on April 3, the traveler can be chugging down the milk at Australia’s Melbourne Airport.

The post of Pear Video said that it was the man’s friend one who took the video. They were bringing home the container of milk since “milk is cheaper than water in Australia”. They did not have the time to finish it so they had to bring it on their flight back.

Unfortunately, airport security asked them to leave the milk behind. Determined, the man decided to chug down the milk.

His friend cheekily commented that he has never seen him drink alcohol like this and was surprised that he downed 2.5 liters of milk so quickly.

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