LOOK: This Locally-Made Hand Sanitizer Moisturizes Your Skin and it Smells Amazing!

Tidy Culture hand sanitizer alcohol

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Alcohol has become such an essential that I use it every chance I get. On the rare chance that I am out, I splash on some after touching something. I use it a lot even at home, especially when I receive food and online shopping deliveries. I love using it but I’m not exactly a fan of the smell and the way it dries my hands. I was recently down with the flu so I used it more, and was so shocked when my hands literally peeled. Thankfully, I found a locally-made FDA-approved hand sanitizer that keeps my hands moisturized and smells amazing.

Tidy Culture is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains ingredients like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate to retain and even replenish the moisture in our skin. This leaves hands soft and smooth. Yes, it’s possible to have clean and well-moisturized hands! According to Tidy Culture, their products do “not only cover protection against viruses; but also look out for our skin and comfort.”

Another cool thing about Tidy Culture is that their hand sanitizer smells fragrant, even perfume-like. The top note is tea tree oil (which also offers protection) and it is blended with the delicious smell of cranberry. Using this hand sanitizer keeps you clean, moisturized, and yes, smelling good.

The business started when the owners, Alex and Patricia, still had to go out and meet new people, even during the pandemic. This on-the-go lifestyle meant they had to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer around at all times. After continuous application of alcohol, they saw that their skin grew dry and irritated. They checked the market for other options, but they realized that they could take matters into their own hands and create their own product. They started Tidy Culture, a functional, innovative, and beautifully-made product that doesn’t break the bank.

Tidy Culture’s hand sanitizer comes in a 60ml pocket-friendly bottle that’s convenient to bring around. They recently collaborated with another brand for a leather alcohol holder that can be hooked to bags. Each bottle is P75, and they also offer bundles for discounts. Bundle A comes with five bottles and is priced at P365. Meanwhile, Bundle B comes with 10 bottles and is P700. Both come with a free Tidy Culture canvas pouch that can fit your face mask and other essentials when going out. They also have other bundles that come with a 450ml refill pack with a pump.

In case you also want to sell Tidy Culture (it’s easy to sell because of their features), we’re happy to report that they’re accepting resellers.

Alcohol is now a must-bring during the new normal. If you want to be clean, moisturized, and fragrant, check out Tidy Culture!



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