LOOK: This Local Brand of Lippies Are Nudes You’ll Want To Get

Nude lips have been one of the most recognizable makeup trends of today. It started as a go-to color for those laid back days or for redirecting attention to smoky eyes, and now it’s pretty much a classic look and a staple for any makeup lover.

What makes nude such a favorite is because it pretty much complements any skin tone. It matches pretty much any type of look you’re aiming for. It’s not so hard to match the color of your lips with the rest of your face with a nude shade. Plus, you’ll always look classy and sophisticated with nude lips.

With that being established, we may just have found the local brand that will pretty much fulfill your need for nude-colored lips.

Everyday Love is a local brand of lipsticks that offer pretty much your daily essentials. They are best known for their set of nude lipsticks in different shades–because if you’re getting lipsticks, just one shade is not enough.

edited 8655Everyday Love Nude Set (PHP 950) || PHP 199/pc

They currently have seven nude shades. That’s one shade for every single day! This should be a dream come true for nude liquid lipstick lovers (try saying that five times fast!)

They actually just started out with five nude shades but added two more to the set–to complete your week’s lipstick needs.

everyday love 2

What’s amazing about Everyday Love lippies is that when applied, it doesn’t budge at all. It’s long lasting, waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and even kiss-proof!

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It’s also very lightweight when applied and not at all sticky on the lips. It dries really quickly and dries as matte. And if those pretty shades aren’t enough for you, it also smells like vanilla!

With Everyday Love, you can pretty much find everything you’re looking for in a lipstick.

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Aside from nude shades and sets, Everyday Love also offers different colored lippies–from classic dark red to red-orange. This local brand is now basically our go-to shop for smooth and sweet-smelling lippies.

Build your makeup collection and grab a set of your nude essentials from Everyday Love, because nudes can be as classy as this.

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