LOOK: This kuya kept letters from his baby sister over the years and they’re melting our hearts

Having siblings almost automatically means always having someone to either always fight with or someone to always have your back. Or sometimes both! And while arguments about eating your brother’s food can escalate, you know that things will simmer down until you can both less-than-awkwardly sit beside each other on a trip to lolahouse again.

Which is why when siblings openly show affection, it kind of melts our hearts.

This Twitter user has chronicled his sister’s letters to him through the years–changing penmanship and all! And while it is clear that their relationship isn’t the smoothest, you can see how sincere they are with one another and how, at the root of it all, they care for each other.

I’m not crying, you are.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Santos for further details.

My sister is currently 12 years old and I’m 18. I can still remember the days when we were still younger. We were really close. We slept next to each other, we’d watch tv, we’d play and joke around. But when I grew up, somewhat, we grew a bit distant. I became very strict with her to the point to the point that I got annoyed with her and I didn’t want to see her.  Even just a small mistake annoyed me, mainly because I didn’t want to hear others badmouthing her.

Needless to say, Santos became a protective Kuya. 

As a kuya, it’s painful to hear not nice things about her, or if others see the wrong in her. I’d prefer if these things would come from me so that she could fix or change her attitude. I tend to ignore her feelings for the sake of her being a good girl.

That’s when he realized how his sister felt about him, which touched him.

 Now, I know how she feels and I’m trying my best to make it up to her and get close to her again.

Check out the tweet and the heartfelt letters below:

My heart hurts. This is so precious. Hug your sibling today (or not, it might be awkward)!

What do you think about these letters? Let us know!

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