LOOK: This Korean Barbecue Heaven has Finally Branched Out to the South!

Words by: Arielle Choy
Photos by: Christian Haw
Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

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In life, there are two things that never fail to make me happy: Korean barbecue and unlimited meat. Put those two amazing things together though and you get Samgyupsalamat, a restaurant located in BF Homes Parañaque that serves unlimited Korean barbecue.


Upon entering the establishment, the first thing you’ll notice is the mouthwatering smell of grilling meat. Although, the restaurant is so well ventilated that despite the cooking meat on every table, the place does not get too smoky. Bags and other valuables can also be stowed away in the seats to protect them from oil splatters while the barbecue is being cooked.

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04sam interior

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Samgyupsalamat offers a variety of Korean barbecue meats. The meat is served raw to the table where customers grill it themselves. If it’s your first time trying out Korean barbecue, don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant’s friendly staff to help you out with cooking your meat.

04sam cook

A must try dish when you visit is their Beef Samgyup, which is thin pieces of bite-sized beef. The beef is tender and melts in your mouth, especially when it’s right off the grill.

04sam samgyup

04sam featureBeef Samgyupsal, Php 300.00 (unlimited)

If beef isn’t your thing (or if you want to try both), a pork version of the dish is also available. Like the Beef Samgyup, the Dae-Pae is also really flavorful and is fattier than the beef.

04sam porkDaepae Samgyupsal, Php 240.00 (unlimited)

Another must try dish is the Beef Bulgogi. Just like the Beef Samgyup, the beef used is imported from America. The beef is marinated in sweet soy sauce giving it a sweet taste. Out of everything I tried, the Beef Bulgogi is my favorite.

04sam bulBeef Bulgogi, Php 300.00 (unlimited)

If you want more kick to your meat, the Yangnyum Beef and Yangnyum Daepae, which is the pork version, are also worth checking out. These are similar to the Beef Samgyup and Dae-Pae but are marinated in Korean seasoning, giving them a bit more flavor and a bit of heat.

04sam marinatedb

04sam marinatedpYangnyum Daepae, Php 260.00 (unlimited)

Aside from barbecued meat, the restaurant also serves a variety of Korean dishes and side dishes.

04sam sidedish

Those who love spicy food should not miss the Kimchi Ramyun, which is Korean noodles with kimchi and egg.

04sam ramyunKimchi Ramyun, Php 150.00

The Gyeran-mari, which is fried egg rolled with vegetables, is also a must try when you visit Samgyupsalamat.

04sam eggrollGyeran-Mari, Php 180.00

Overall, Samgyupsalamat BF Homes is a great place to hang out with your friends and family. It is open until late at night and the restaurant’s atmosphere is good. Not only is the food delicious, the prices for the unlimited barbecue are really affordable as well.

04sam beef

As long as there are two people dining, you can avail of their set courses which, in addition to unlimited barbecue, also include side dishes, rice, and soup.

There are two unlimited courses to choose from. Unli 1 includes 5 kinds of unlimited pork at 449 Php per head and Unli 2 includes 9 kinds of pork and beef at 499 Php per head. From 11:00 AM to 3 PM, the restaurant has its happy hour where Unli 1’s price drops to 399 Php per head and Unli 2 to 449 Php per head.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and head to Samgyupsalamat BF Homes. Just make sure you bring your appetites with you!

Samgyupsalamat BF Homes

(02) 621 3591
235 Aguirre Ave, Paranaque, Metro Manila