LOOK: This Japanese Website Reimagines the Philippine Flag as Human!

The Philippine Flag just had an unexpected transformation.

World Flags, a Japanese website that aims to promote the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by reimagining flags around the world as human beings, revealed on Wednesday, June 5, their version of the Philippine Flag!

“Today, we introduce to you the Philippines! He’s a samurai that summons the sun!” they said* in a Tweet.

Named Rizal, the anthropomorphized flag is clad in samurai armor (called “Maharlika”) featuring the three main colors and the sun symbol. He also has three weapons with him: a katana sword, a rifle, and a fan.

Rizal Philippine Flag Human

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World Flags was created to inspire excitement over the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics by promoting gijinka, a term used to describe artwork depicting inanimate objects or animal cartoon characters as human beings.

At the same time, they also want to spread awareness of the different flags—their origins, symbolism, and histories—and the traits that define each country, all while adding elements of Japanese culture. You can view the stories of each flag on their website.

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*Tweet was roughly translated by the author.