LOOK: This Japanese Restaurant is a Haven for Tempura and Tendon Lovers!

Words by Cole Manalac

Photos by Heather Co

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Japanese food is always a popular option in the Philippines. From sushi, all the way to ramen, I’m fairly certain that no one truly hates Japanese food. With that, another mainstay in the food realm is obviously tempura and tendon. These fried delicacies are always an amazing option for an enjoyable meal, and today we’ll finally be able to show you a fantastic place to satisfy all your tendon-based needs: Tendon Akimitsu.


The Mixed Tempura Set (PHP350)

You can’t talk about Tendon Akimitsu without the tendon. Mainly because it’s in the name. The mixed tendon set (PHP390) is a delight to eat since it consists of a wide variety of tempura. From a literal egg to your standard squid and prawn, the set is definitely going to cater to all your fried food needs.

Of course, a tendon set wouldn’t be complete without the rice below. The special tendon sauce steals the show here, and it’s what differs the tendon set from the tempura set. With a drizzle of the sauce, your dining experience will be lifted up into next levels of deliciousness. From the delicious crunch of the tempura to the combination of rice and sauce, I’m confident saying that the set is a must-have.

The Chicken Namban Don (PHP320)

Not to sleep on other kinds of food, the Chicken Namban Don (PHP320) is also a good side option if you’re with family or friends and they’ve ordered too much tendon or tempura. The chicken fillet sided with various vegetables and tartar sauce is a fantastic main course beside the various tempura-related items that are on the menu. With each bite giving a filling and juicy flavor, it’s a refreshing alternative to the mainstay of Tendon Akimitsu. The best part about it is that since it’s a ‘-don’ meal, the rice comes with it. So there’s no need to fret if you want your favorite carb-headed dish by your side.

Finally, one of the best things that the restaurant has to offer (in my opinion) is Aburi Salmon Maki (PHP350). Now, at first, I expected the regular type of maki. Something that was filling, an appetizer for the meal that was to come, but I was proven so, so, SO wrong. As you pick up one of the small rolls from your chopsticks, it seems so innocuous, but when it enters your mouth you are instantly transported into another dimension. While it not may be for everyone, the cherished memory of Aburi Salmon before my amazing tendon is one that I will never forget.

So if you’re looking to have a good fix of tempura and tendon, look no further than to head over to Tendon Akimitsu. With amazing appetizers that hook you in, to the main course dish that makes you want to buy even more, the restaurant has its priorities straight.

Tendon Akimitsu

Japan Town, Glorietta 2, Makati City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TendonAkimitsuPH/

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