LOOK: This is What Ellen Adarna Looked Like in Her High School Yearbook

We’re all familiar with the story of the awkward teenager who becomes gorgeous when they grow up. But that’s not the case with model and actress Ellen Adarna. It turns out, she was hot ever since.

Adarna posted an Instagram photo of her high school yearbook, showing that she was just as pretty when she was still studying at St. Theresa’s College Cebu.

Her classmates had this to say about her: “Ellen sits at the very pinnacle of the social ladder – the goddess of beauty seemingly holding court with mere mortals. A charmer with a spunky wit and smile, she never fails to dazzle everyone with ingenious ideas that put any trendsetter to shame. Clever, yes, she most certainly is… and totally bound for prominence. The sassy girl!”

The actress mentioned in her caption how she was always sent to the principal’s office.

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