LOOK: This is the Delicious Combination of Steak and Bacon!

If there are two things that we love, it’s probably steak and bacon.

If there are special celebrations, we celebrate with some medium-rare steak and for daily breakfasts we love bacon. Now our two favorites are combined with these Steak Bacon products from Road 20 Steak House.

Road 20 Smoke House specializes in 100% beef products that you will surely love. They offer three flavors: Classic, Red, and Black. Each flavor comes in either 250g or 500g packs. We highly suggest getting the 500g so you can enjoy more and enjoy with your loved ones.

The Classic flavor is the kind of bacon you know and love… but made better and made of 100% beef. We tried cooking this the traditional way of frying it in a pan and it turned out crispy and packed with flavor. What we love about this is it’s not too greasy or oily. There is a reasonable portion of fat and has a hint of smokiness.

The Classic flavor can be eaten as is or as cold cuts to be served with cheese, fried, steamed or even as an ingredient for your pasta or bacon fried rice.

The Red Steak Bacon is perfect for those who love a little bit of heat. It’s the perfect blend of spicy and smokey. This is actually our favorite since we love putting a little bit of chili in everything we eat. You can actually use the Red Steak Bacon on your burger!

The Premium Black Steak Bacon is tender, flavorful and is their premium product. The thick slab is cured for days in their special rub.

Aside from their steak bacon products, they also have Kitayama Wagyu Brisket and Kitayama Wagyu Dino Ribs which is perfect for small celebrations at home. To pair with your meat, they also have side dishes like coleslaw, mac n cheese, and buttered vegetables.

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