LOOK: This is the amount of trash some mountain climbers picked up after just one climb!

After just one trip to Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna, a mountain climber and his friends descended from the mountain with this much trash–and just in the path they took.

The climb was originally just supposed to be a relaxing climb with friends and their dogs but it ended up being an expedition to pick up as much trash as they could carry in an effort to lessen the pollution already doing harm to the environment. After seeing how much littered the mountain path, they packed it all up and brought it all down with them as a call to action.

The original poster, Anton Navarro, poses an important realization to us:

“The ever-lingering questions popped up as we were pushing fistfuls of garbage into our bags:

“Does this even matter?”

“Would it make a difference?”

Ultimately, we realized that it wouldn’t. This moment of picking up trash on this mountain wouldn’t change things. Around 10kg of garbage may have been brought down, but next year, next holiday, maybe even next week there’ll be trash thrown here again. The realization hits like a brick.

“I can’t make a difference… but together we can.””

It’ll take everyone’s help and cooperation to restore things to the way they were and let them flourish. It’s easy to neglect the environment but we are called to care for it. There are so many things we can do! Volunteer for organizations, collect eco-bricks, and even write to government leaders to talk about the state of our environment right now. Anton has laid it all out for us beautifully, check his post out below:

21 bottles, 11 eco bricks, 4 bottle caps, 1 Dunkin Donut box, 1 P20 bill, and countless plastic wrappers. This was our…

Posted by Antonio Navarro on Sunday, April 1, 2018

What can you do to help out the environment? Let us know!


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