LOOK: This In-Demand Hotel In Switzerland Has No Walls

Stay-cations are becoming more and more creative, with offbeat hotels providing unusual attractions a dime a dozen. Yet this hotel by Null Stern in Switzerland seems to take the cake!

Null Stern hotel room Switzerland

While other hotels are busy making their walls looks one of a kind, this one does away with it altogether. That’s right, this hotel has no walls or roof — just the panoramic, open landscape of the Swiss Alps.

Null Stern’s co-founder, Daniel Charbonnier tells Business Insider:

 “We got rid of all the walls, and the only thing left is you and your experience.”

A queen-size bed with linens in the middle of the Swiss Alps? Sounds like quite an experience, indeed.

Null Stern also means “zero stars” in German, which is very telling of the hotel’s unique concept.

It costs about $210 a night and the hotel is already fully booked through the end of 2017.

While the hotel has no bathroom, there is room service, in the form of a personal butler who stays in a nearby cabin where he also prepares the guests’ meals.

Would you stay in this hotel? What are your thoughts on this?

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