LOOK: This Hybrid E-wallet Is Perfect for the Modern Filipinos

The SurgePay app is the first-ever community wallet in the world, homegrown in the Philippines with key partnerships for blockchain-enabled services as well as local licenses that allow it to efficiently service the needs of every community.

Traditional banking processes such as payments, deposits, and even lending bypass the traditional banking and finance infrastructure with the usual SWIFT network. These functions are now doable through blockchain, without any third-party interference.

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The community wallet is geared to be the most innovative e-wallet to hit the Philippine market because of its adaptability to integrate multiple features and services that can reliably grow its user base.

 The key features of the Surge Pay app are:

  • Remittance of both Traditional Rails and Blockchain Rails

  • Community Tagging

  • E-Loading

  • Bills Payment

  • Cash In/Out

  • Token Exchange

  • P2P (Peer to Peer) Marketplace

  • DeFi & CeFi Services (Decentralized Finance & Centralized Finance)

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SurgePay is the flagship product of Direct Agent 5 Inc. (DA5), one of the largest and leading authorized direct agents of Western Union in the Philippines, and is the only Money Service Business (MSB) to offer remittances, foreign exchange, crypto exchange, and e-money facilities. “After 16 years of servicing the OFWs, DA5 can further help our modern-day heroes by bringing down the cost of remittances at a fraction of what banks and traditional remittance companies are currently charging.” – Raymond Babst, CEO and President of DA5

The community wallet is also the first to be utilizing its own native token – the Nekoin Protocol. The Nekoin Protocol is a complete cycle ecosystem for digital asset storage, transfer, and creation – from SurgePay Community Wallet to NEKOPay Non-Custodial Wallet and a tokenization platform, this alpha ecosystem will be the bridge towards triggering Web 3 mass adoption.

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The Nekoin Protocol team is composed of professionals with over 10 years of experience from multiple industries including Digital Marketing, Financial and Payments Technology, Outsourcing, and Blockchain Development.

Just recently, the Nekoin Protocol Team acquired Top DJ, Entrepreneur, and Web3 Advocate Patty Tiu as their Head of Partnerships and Communications. The now retired DJ turned Web3 degen is fully focusing on multiple awareness campaigns and is slowly but surely forging her path into her new legacy.

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Nekoin Protocol and DA5 are the entities that will strategically build in growing the alpha ecosystem to achieve network effect, sustainability, and scalability.

A complete cycle solution can soon be achieved through tokenization, seamless transactions, and more. The first step is Surge.