LOOK: This Homeless Cat in Ortigas is Looking For His Furever Home

With the increasing number of homeless animals wandering in the street, it baffles me that a lot of people still choose to shop instead of adopting these poor babies.

Yayo, a cat in Ortigas, is just one of the many strays out there who are looking for places to call home and families to love. Just recently, Cats of Ortigas, a small group of volunteers under Fix-A-Cat Project which focuses on TNR or Trap-Neuter-Return, posted a video on their Facebook page about Yayo. 

The video aims to show how adorable the cat is and to encourage people to adopt, or at the very least, foster him until he finds his fur-ever home. Trixie de Guzman, one of the volunteers for Cats of Ortigas, shared that Yayo is already neutered and that his new pet parent won’t have to worry about getting him fixed anymore.

Thus, if you have one more room in your heart, life, and home for another cat, I hope you can consider adopting Yayo. If anyone’s interested, you may course the adoption process through Cats of Ortigas.

Aside from Yayo, there’s another cat in the city who is more popularly known as Jollibee Cat. Jollibee Cat has been there for about 9 years already. Good thing, the guards and other kind-hearted people regularly give her food and help her get by. 


According to Trixie, there are several stray cats in Ortigas who are in need of help. Here are some of their photos.



And although they regularly do TNR projects, their number is still increasing, more so doubled within the year. Their next session is scheduled on August 2, 2017. Feel free to message Cats of Ortigas and Fix-A-Cat for more information on how to help and volunteer.

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