LOOK: This Homegrown Pizzeria Offers 15 Savory Flavors of Gourmet Pizzas

With many businesses emerging during the pandemic, each success story has been a great source of inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs. Of course, we never tire of hearing them all.

Gianetto Pizzeria is one of those food businesses that positively thrived during the pandemic. Started by Lesley Ngo and Jackie Isanan in the midst of the lockdowns, the brand actually began with homecooked meals sold to their condo community.


Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

Because Jackie had the opportunity to attend a pizza and pasta cooking class under an Italian chef in 2016, they shifted to selling homemade pizzas instead. This marked the birth of this gourmet pizzeria.

The Challenging Road to Success

Lesley shares with WhenInManila.com that building Gianetto was difficult especially during the lockdown when only one person could go out to get ingredients, and their 2-man team handled every aspect of the operations. Jackie was the one in charge of cooking while Lesley had to bring orders down to the lobby from the condo’s 48th floor.

We could only imagine how stressful it is to manage to create pizza pies from scratch with just a 2-man team!


Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

Early this year, Lesley reveals that they looked for a commercial space to be more accessible to more customers who’d like to try their homemade pizzas. Unfortunately, they faced a roadblock.

“We already made the down payment and materials for the renovation were already bought, only to find out that the space we will be renting has no title and we can’t secure a business permit,” shares Lesley.

But in an inspiring turn of events, their fellow entrepreneurs offered their available space in Mandaluyong which allowed Gianetto Pizzeria to have their own space for operations.

Now, after persevering through a number of stumbling blocks, their homemade 15 flavors of pizzas (yes, 15!) are available to an even wider audience.

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Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

Gianetto now delivers freshly made pizzas all over Metro Manila. Wherever you are, you can still enjoy their mouthwatering pizza without having to compromise the quality due to long travel times.

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Homemade Gourmet Pizza

Jackie, their well-traveled head chef, is the one who creates the pizza flavors.

While you should definitely try all 15 flavors, we think you should prioritize the Eats Me Spinach, Truffle Mushroom Pizza, Prosciutto Arugula Pizza, and the 3 Cheese and Herbs.


Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

Take it from us, their toppings and sauces are amazing—super flavorful yet well-balanced.

“People should try our pizzas because it will arouse their 5th core of taste which is the umami taste, that lets our customers keep coming back for more,” says Lesley.

They also take pride in their hand-stretched pizza dough that makes their crust extra crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It’s such a beautiful combination of savory toppings and sauces with an excellent crust.

We’re not even surprised that Gianetto has become an instant neighborhood favorite!


Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

Unlike other commercial pizza chains, their pizza remains just as delicious and fluffy even after it’s been reheated. We, along with their avid fans and regular customers, can attest to that.

They even include reheating instructions to make sure you can enjoy every bit of their homemade pizza, whether you can eat one pie in a single sitting or not.

New Products

Aside from the must-try gourmet pizzas, you can also get savory spreads and wines through their site. Of course, these are also perfect to pair with their quality pizzas.


Photo from Gianetto Pizzeria

They’re also about to launch some pasta dishes soon, making this a perfect source for your holiday feasts and virtual parties!

Make sure to follow Gianetto Pizzeria’s social media pages to stay updated on new products that they might be releasing soon.

If you’re craving flavorful pizza this week, you know who to call!

Gianetto Pizzeria

153 San Francisco St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Landline no.: 71480176
Mobile no: 09171424897, 09683599419


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